Early Childhood Iowa Purpose

Background and History

   Our local Area is a community collaboration which exists to coordinate Iowa state initiatives and board activities, and plan for services under school readiness/early childhood legislation. We serve the community by providing grants to local non-profits, which serve children ages 0-5, under our locally designated priority areas and within state legislative requirements. Also, we administer preschool scholarships for low-income families. Early Childhood Iowa was established by Iowa state legislation during the 2010 session in an effort to strengthen the current Community Empowerment Initiative (1998), create a partnership between communities and state government with an emphasis to improve the well-being of families with young children. 


   Early Childhood Iowa Areas are designed to empower individuals and their communities to achieve desired results to improve the quality of life for children ages 0-5 and their families. It is believed that desired results identified by communities, with the support of the state, will be achieved as individuals, governments, businesses and agencies work collaboratively within communities. Individuals in local communities working together can identify and implement the best means for attaining desired results. The role of the Early Childhood Iowa Board and the State is to support and facilitate growth in the community responsibility; not assume the directive role that the public has come to expect of government.